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Why The Door Bull?

Did you know it takes just 1-4 seconds for the average adult to kick in a dead-bolted door? 

Developed by a team of concerned police officers, The Door Bull eliminates this vulnerable access point, providing you and your family with peace of mind.

Why is The Door Bull the best in-home protection against forcible entry?

* Easy to Install – Installation is quick and easy with all hardware included.  You can be protected in less than 30 minutes! The simple installation process works for most inward opening doors, making it virtually impossible to forcefully open the door.

* Superior Protection – Locks can be easily picked, and door chains snapped like twigs; but when you’ve installed The Door Bull, an intruder would have to literally break your door down to get through it. The Door Bull is a superior-grade aluminum lock reinforcement device, made to distribute the force more evenly across the door frame to prevent intruders from getting in.

* Door Frame Reinforcement – Deadbolts and other common security measures fail because the protective force is focused too narrowly on the frame. The Door Bull helps your door frame do its job more effectively by evenly distributing the force of an attempted kick-in.

* The Ultimate in Convenience – Unlike many competing products out there, the Door Bull can be easily installed in an apartment or other temporary residence without defacing or causing lasting damage to the door frame. In addition, the installation and use of The Door Bull will not create a tripping hazard like many other door security hardware options.

* Deters Criminals & Buys You Time - Did you know most home invaders enter through the door? Typically, criminals find doors to be an easier and quicker entry point than windows. The good news is - most criminals will quit when they face resistance. The Door Bull barricade device offers the protection your home needs to deter any would-be intruders and offers the element of surprise – catching criminals off-guard. In the unlikely event of a door breach, the delay and deterrence provided by The Door Bull would give you time to react, call 911, and leave your home safely through an alternate exit.

The Door Bull is the highest quality maximum-strength and easy-to-install security solution on the market today to protect what matters most. 

Order yours today!