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The Door Bull Installation Guide

The Door Bull Installation: Powerful Door Reinforcement Made Easy

Reinforce your door frame and deter break-ins effortlessly with The Door Bull. Unlike complex frame upgrades, our product offers superior protection with simple installation. No need for extensive carpentry skills or special tools. Everything you need, including the drill bit, is included. Enhance your security effortlessly with The Door Bull.

Installation Video

Hardware Provided

  • Face Plate
  • Jamb Plate
  • Face Plate Holder
  • (6) 3” Case Hardened Steel Screws
  • (2) 1” Case Hardened Steel Screws
  • Drill Bit

Tools Required

  • Power Drill
  • Phillips Head Attachment for Drill (Recommended) or Phillips Head Screwdriver

    Step-by-Step Installation Guide for The Door Bull:

    • Step 1: Place the jamb plate on the door frame, about 18 inches above the doorknob. Ensure the cylinder on the plate faces the wall, not the door. Mark the center of the slotted hole. Install a one-inch set screw and loosely tighten the jamb plate. Note: This screw will be removed later.
    • Step 2: Close the door and slide the face plate onto the jamb plate. Adjust the jamb plate until there's a 1/16 inch gap between the face plate and the door. Drill three 1/8 inch pilot holes at the back of the jamb plate. Install and tighten the 3-inch screws.
    • Step 3: Enhance strength and balance by replacing one screw from each hinge on the opposite side of the door with the additional 3-inch screws provided.
    • Step 4: Decide where to store the face plate holder and position it on the wall. Drill two 1/8 inch pilot holes at the back of the holder. Install and tighten the 1-inch screws.

    Follow these simple steps to install The Door Bull and reinforce your door for enhanced security.

    For the ultimate solution in home break-in prevention, order The Door Bull today!