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How is The Door Bull installed?

Read our Installation guide for detailed directions.

Is The Door Bull lock always visible?

No, it's up to you. When unlocked, you can store the main lock piece on the included hanger. Most customers mount the hanger next to the door, but you can also store it out of sight.

What doors will The Door Bull work on?

It works on the inward-opening side of a standard framed door, including most residential doors. For less-common materials like a metal door frame, specialized screws may be required.

Does The Door Bull work on outward opening doors?

No, The Door Bull is specifically designed for inward opening doors.

What is needed to install The Door Bull?

Typically, a drill with a normal Phillips head driver is sufficient. We provide the drill bit for drilling pilot holes. In some cases, if the door fits tightly in the frame, a chisel may be needed to create a shallow depression for the plate.

What is the drill bit for?

The drill bit is used to drill pilot holes for the screws. It is essential to drill pilot holes before screwing in the screws for proper installation.

Will criminals try to break in through a window instead?

Statistically, criminals generally prefer main doors for quick entry and exit. The Door Bull disrupts their plans, sending a message that your home is prepared and not easily defeated. Even if they consider a window, they face smaller openings filled with broken glass shards, making them slower and more vulnerable.

Why is The Door Bull effective?

The Door Bull takes away the element of surprise and control that criminals seek, making them think twice about targeting your home.

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