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How is The Door Bull installed?

Download the Installation Instructions.

Is The Door Bull lock always visible?

Only if you want it to be. When unlocked, you can store the main lock piece on the included hanger. Most customers mount the hanger right next to the door. Or, you can store it out of sight. Up to you.

What doors will The Door Bull work on?

It works on the inward-opening side of a standard framed door. For example, this includes almost all residential doors. For less-common materials (such as a metal door frame), you may want specialized screws.

Does The Door Bull work on outward opening doors?

No.  The Door Bull is designed only for an inward opening door.

What is needed to install The Door Bull?

Typically, just a drill with a normal phillips head driver. We even give you the drill bit to drill pilot holes (recommended). In cases where the door fits very tightly in the frame, you may need a chisel to create a mortise (shallow depression) for the plate. This would be the case with any new addition to such a door, not just The Door Bull.

What is the drill bit for?

The drill bit is used to drill the "pilot" holes for the screws. These pilot holes must be drilled before you attempt to screw in the screws. If you do not drill the pilot holes first, the screws will not screw in. The pilot holes remove some of the wood first, allowing the screws to then fit into the wood. Failure to drill pilot holes will almost certainly result in you being unable to screw the screws into the wood all the way. Most likely you will strip the heads of the screws, damaging the screws and possibly your screwdriver. If you have doubts about this, read this guide.

Will criminals just try to break in a window instead?

Statistically, they normally don’t, and for good reason. Particularly when a home is occupied, speed and ease of entry/exit are critical to a criminal’s mission.

Most criminals use a main door, and most flee immediately when they can’t defeat it quickly. They’ve made a lot of noise. They’re surprised and out of their element because the door frame didn’t easily break or their bump key didn’t get them in. They’ve just gotten the message that this home is prepared and ready to handle with them.

Then, even IF a window is in a good location for entry and exit, they must deal with a smaller opening (compared to their preferred doorway) filled with broken glass shards on the way in and out. They’ll be much slower, more vulnerable, or simply incapable if they try to quickly exit the broken window with your valuables or an abducted person.

Criminals want to have the element of surprise and be in complete control of the situation. The Door Bull can take that away from the start.


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