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In a world where the integrity of your door is compromised within mere seconds, it's time to take a stand.


The time it takes for an average adult to kick open a door, even one secured with a quality deadbolt.


Amateurs wielding "bump keys," leaving your home defenseless against intrusion.


That's the unsettling average duration you may have to endure face-to-face with an intruder before the authorities arrive, assuming you had the chance to call for help.

Don't let statistics define your safety. It's time to rewrite the narrative.

Unleashing Unmatched Security

Prepare to experience a level of security that outmatches their every attempt.

    • UNPARALLELED STRENGTH: Constructed with superier grade aluminum, The Door Bull stands as an unyielding force against intrusion, leaving perpetrators defeated in their tracks.

    • STRATEGIC FORCE DISTRIBUTION: It intelligently distributes force evenly and at the ideal angles, bolstering your door frame to resist even the most determined intruders.

    • SEAMLESS CONVENIENCE: The Door Bull offers a seamless user experience. Store the lock on the included hanger for easy access, or discreetly conceal it out of sight.

    • UNIVERSAL FIT: Designed to work effortlessly on most inward-opening doors without any modifications, ensuring a perfect fit and hassle-free installation.

    • EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION: With super quick DIY installation, you can reinforce your security in no time. The Door Bull brings peace of mind within reach.

By choosing The Door Bull, you not only protect your own home, business, or school, but you become an advocate for safety throughout the entire neighborhood. Together, let's prevent further tragedy and create a community fortified against invasion.


Extend Your Protection Beyond Your Doorstep.

Keep Family Safe:

Send The Door Bull for every entryway. Protect vulnerable living spaces and provide peace of mind to the ones you love.

Enhance School Safety:

Recommend The Door Bull for effective "active shooter" procedures. Unlike other
options, The Door Bull ensures quick and proper locking, even in high-stress situations.

Workplace Security:

Trust The Door Bull for high-security areas and emergency safe rooms. Take it a step further by doubling up for an incredibly secure environment.

Unlock the Truth: Are Other Options Truly Effective?

Deadbolts, chains, alarms, and 911 undoubtedly serve their purpose, but let's face the reality:

None actually stop a determined criminal.

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Ordinary deadbolts, despite their
reputation, often succumb to just one to three forceful kicks. Even if you seek a stronger deadbolt, the sad truth is that your door frame will typically give way first. This flaw lies in the design, as the protective force is narrowly concentrated on the frame, rendering it vulnerable. According to studies, approximately 60% of forced entries involve the failure of conventional deadbolts and compromised door frames.

Alarms & 911

We appreciate the value of alarms and the emergency response system we're fortunate to have. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that the average response time exceeds 7 minutes. Unfortunately, this timeframe allows intruders ample opportunity to wreak havoc upon you or your loved ones. Not to mention the challenges of locating your phone, unlocking it, dialing, connecting, and accurately conveying vital information within that critical window. Monitored alarm procedures can introduce further delays before police dispatch, potentially compromising your safety.

All Keyed Locks

Startlingly, a staggering 90% of cylinder locks can be effortlessly bypassed using "bump keys" wielded by amateurs within a matter of seconds. This includes the so-called "pick-proof" deadbolts and door locks, and ironically, higher-quality locks often prove more susceptible. Experienced criminals can silently pick other locks with ease, leaving you exposed to potential threats.

Strengthened Frames or Plates

While upgrading frames can provide additional fortification and serve as a complement to The Door Bull, it's important to note that frame kits may require significant carpentry work in some cases. To enhance overall strength, we include three extra 3-inch screws to replace one on each hinge.

Chains & Other Deadlocks

Chains and other types of deadlocks often employ weaker materials, with screws inserted parallel to the force of a break-in. Some devices may damage or heavily alter your floor or door frame, or may not even be compatible at all. Furthermore, floor-based models can pose potential tripping hazards, compromising both safety and convenience.