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Who needs The Door Bull, and where can it be used?

The Door Bull provides protection and peace of mind to single women, students, the elderly, families, business owners, and anyone else in need of a door barricade device. Once installed, The Door Bull's strong, superior-grade aluminum construction reinforces your door and gives you valuable time in the event of an attempted break-in.
  • Home Break-In Prevention – Protect your family AND your investment with The Door Bull. Your whole community will be safer for your purchase.

  • Apartment Break-In Prevention – Renters and their landlords will love our simple and easy installation! No extensive modification needed.

  • Dorm Break-In Prevention – Students living alone or in other vulnerable living situations can be kept safe with The Door Bull guarding each entry door

  • School & Daycare Break-In Prevention – Ideal for locking down classrooms and other vulnerable areas, The Door Bull is easy to lock quickly and properly under “active shooter” protocols in schools.

    Business Break-In Prevention – Are you a small business owner?  The Door Bull helps reinforce all exterior entry doors for extra peace of mind during off-hours.

    Corporate Applications – For the access control of high-security areas or emergency safe rooms, The Door Bull delivers. You can even install multiples  for additional safety!

    The Door Bull is the ultimate home invasion prevention. Most home invaders go through the door, and no one is getting through your door easily with The Door Bull!

    Give yourself and your family peace of mind today with the unique protection of The Door Bull.